Class 5

Hello everyone! It is great to welcome everyone back!

We will be exploring World War Two in our Topic this Term – mainly evacuations of children from the large cities and D-Day.  Any parents who have any memorabilia, which they are happy to send into school, from family relatives or any information will be greatly appreciated.  By Christmas, we will have arranged a trip to Dunkeswell Airbase Museum to speak to our regular guides, tour the Museum and explore the wonderful artefacts they have there.  With any luck, we can have them turn up to the school as members of the Home Guard to march the children around the playground again!

For Literacy, we will aim to read enough books this year to have book posters travel all the way up the stairs (if you are not sure what this means, please ask your child!).  Literacy will focus on those key skills to become adept readers: inferring character motivations, spotting suggestions of plot development and weaving themes.  Writing will either compliment our reading books, or, compliment their WW2 topic – or, ideally, both; in Class 5, the books we read, and the writing we produce, will not be separate – but symbiotic.

Mathematics will move from key number facts to full-blown investigations.  Children will work with timetables, budgets and time constraints to conduct investigations where they seek the maths skills necessary to find their answers.  For example, instead of learning how to add fractions, children will be asked to find fractions which add to make a whole cake or two whole cakes – then, develop this skill into using decimals or percentages if that is easier to calculate and use fractions when suitable. 1/20 of a cake is always 5% of a cake.  These skills will enable the children to use mathematics to solve the problems in their own lives without prompting.

Overall, it will be a great Term. I know they will very much enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you all at the Induction Meeting.  

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Class 5 consists of Year 5 and Year 6 children


Mr W Young

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs P Moore and Mrs T Ayre