Class 5 Events and Photos

School Year 2021-22

Spring 2022

14th Feb

What a week we had! We had an author visit – from a book we read a few week’s ago: Planet Stan. She discussed all her failures in being published and how this inspired her. We saw her books from when she was a child – made with stickyback tape and notebooks!  

7th Feb (2)

We have been bust exploring the workings on sun dials. We learnt that a long pole can cast a shadow which appears to move in front of your very eyes! 

7th Feb (1)

Being the space explorers we are – we explored ways in which the shadow of night moves differently across different seasons – by comparing 4pm in December with 4pm in June. It was fascinating to learn about just how north the UK really is.  

31st Jan
Class 5 Pic 2
24th Jan 22

This week, we were lucky enough to speak to children in an African school in Uganda! We spoke about how things are similar/different. The children wanted to hear us sing and learn about what life is like for us. Currently, it is 34 degrees there and we were only at 0! We hope to speak to them more often in future.  

11th Jan 22

It has been a bit chilly this week – we have done out work inside. Eclipses! How do they work? What types are there? Are they mystical?
We explored this in a lesson creating eclipses in our own books with the Solar System.  

Orbits! This week we used computer programs to explore the Corpernican Model of the Solar System; heretically, we viewed the Sun at the center and explored the planets (including our dwarf planet friends) outwards. We made descriptions and invented a mnemonic to help remember them.  

4th Jan 22

Autumn 2021

Class 5 have been making the classroom ‘Christmassy’ as part of our mission to spread as much Christmas Cheer as possible.  

6th Dec 21
29th Nov 21

Class 5 have been creating leaflets to share with the village! We were carol singing on Monday 6th and spent some time advertising it to the whole village

Class 5 were lucky enough to speak to an RAF pilot from just after WW2. He talked through all the planes he had flown in and gave us an idea of what life would have been like for a pilot all those years ago. One of the planes he flew was called a Vampire! 

22nd Nov 21
15th Nov 21

Class 5 have worked hard this week exploring and comparing fossils. We explored what you could learn about an animal that lived millions of years ago based on the impression it has left in a rock! From toes to teeth, we inferred an impressive amount.

This week, we have been writing our story – from a year later! We have imagined how Little Weirwold would have changed and how the characters would have developed.  

8th Nov 21
Class 5 Drill SGT (1)

Class 5 were lucky enough to have the staff from Dunkeswell Air Museum Trust to visit – as WW2 soldiers and ARPs! We had Home Guard drill in the playground and used a stirrup pump to put out a fire. Hopefully, they can return soon! 

School Year 2020-21

Our ‘New Normal’ at Bickleigh School

Following considerable turmoil and disarray, we all recently returned to school, much to our delight! It was such a pleasure to be back among both students and teachers despite all of the myriad of changes that have taken place over the last few months. We, the Year Sixes, felt a little apprehensive to be back for our final year as some of us hadn't seen our friends for almost six months . As bizarre and aberrant as it is, this year we are determined to shine, do our best and give it our all. Of course, in these peculiar times, we must take a plethora of compulsory measures to ensure that we all stay safe but we love the fact that school stays a happy and bubbling place.

Due to the restrictions, lessons have been adapted to follow the Government guidelines. However, they have been extremely educational and inspiring to us and many others. After reading ‘The Maker of Monsters’, our teacher Mr Young, organised a Zoom call with the author, Lorraine Gregory, who we interviewed. This isn’t the only video call we have done so far though, a couple of days ago (via Microsoft Teams), we also linked up online with Professor P.J Rhodes of Durham University about our topic, the Ancient Greeks, along with Professor Amy Smith of Reading University. It was an absolute pleasure speaking to these two professors and it was extremely enthralling and educational. We are now awaiting a virtual museum tour, in which we will be shown many Greek exhibits.

During these strange times, despite all the confusion and pandemonium, everyone from teachers to students, have been extremely friendly and motivating and we cannot thank them enough. We are all thrilled to be back and hope that everyone will stay safe and we can return back to normality soon.

Writing: Jemima Tapp and Lotte Declerck       /      Picture: Class 2 in the environmental area

C2 in Environmental Area

School Year 2017-18

Class 5 collected items they found in the playground and used them to represent adding and subtracting fractions.


As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, class 5 learnt about mummification and had fun performing parts of the process.


Working together on an investigation about factors and multiples. 


Solving clues as part of a treasure hunt with clues left by spy 'agent x'