Class 4

Welcome back to school! Class 4 have been very busy since coming back to the autumn term and have lots of plans for the rest of the term!

This term, Class 4 are becoming archaeologists and historians as we learn all about The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age. We will be doing lots of historical research to find out about the people who lived at this time. Using our historical skills, we will be finding out about their diets, their weapons and tools, their houses and homes and Stonehenge. In art we are going to continue with our historical research of the stone age and create some cave paintings and develop our printing skills to create stone age masterpieces.

In English, we will be studying a variety of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction texts. Starting with The Stone Age Boy to fit in with our new topic of The Stone Age. We will be working to improve our comprehension skills as we look at a variety of texts and start creating our own pieces of writing. Reading is very important in class 4 this year and we are encouraging all students to find their favourite novels!

In Maths, we will begin by revising and extending our knowledge of place value through lots of practical activities inside and outside, when it’s nice and sunny! As we progress through the term, we will work on developing our written methods for all four operations, making sure we can apply them in a range of problems.

In Science, we will be investigating light and seeing. As scientists we will be working to recognise that we need light to see things and that dark is the absence of light. Class 4 scientists will explore reflection and shadows and learn how the sun can be dangerous, so we definitely need sun cream! As we progress through the term, our scientists will begin to investigate sound and hearing. We will be looking at vibrations and how sound will travel through mediums to our ears.

In French, we will be learning about France as we investigate the towns and cities. We will use our geography skills to speak in French about where we live and give some information about our local area.

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Class 4 consists of Year 4 children


Miss L Wilson

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Lessiter