Class 4 Events and Photos

School Year 2021-22

Spring 2022

Everyone had a great time celebrating World Book Day.  The outfits were fantastic and our love of reading was celebrated all day with a whole school assembly; the older children reading to the younger children in our wonderful library; a story in the environmental area and a visit from an author.  Thank you to everyone for their efforts. 


Class 2, 3 and 4 enjoyed a very informative and thought-provoking visit from Jess and Bethia at Planet & People this week. We did a workshop based on our ‘Hopes’ for the future and actions in taking care of the planet. They also celebrated the positive reintroductions of beavers and wolves into environments and the impact this had on the wider ecology. The children all wrote postcards for 2047, which were then sealed in a time capsule and buried in the Enironmental Area, with a sapling Oak tree. 

Planet Action 4
Planet Action 2
Planet Action 3

We have been using maps and atlases to label a world map with the main tectonic boundaries.  

Geography 3
Geography 2
Geography 1

We have been learning all about Electricity and making our own electrical circuits. We learnt that there must be no breaks in the circuit to make the light bulb light. We also discovered that if you add more light bulbs to the circuit that it will make the bulbs dimmer.  

Electricity 4
Electricity 5
Electricity 3
Electricity 2
Electricity 1

Autumn 2021

Class 4 have been using drama to retell their story from our class text ‘Story Path’.

C4 Pic 1
C4 Pic 2
4th Oct 21

In Class 4, we have been learning our text ‘How to Catch a Stone Giant’ through drama.

We have been historians studying historical sources to find out information about the prehistoric Britain.

27th Sept 21

School Year 2020-21

Geography in Year 4

Over the last month, Class 4 have made two local trips as part of their Geography learning. One to explore the physical and human features in Bickleigh village, and the other to explore the features of the River Exe. Below are extracts from children’s writing, focussing on the human features in Bickleigh and how they have changed over time:

“Thatched roofs are not always the best roof materials because they are expensive to get replaced and are a fire hazard as the thatch is very flammable. The oldest cottages had walls made of cob or stone. We noticed many houses had small wooden windows, because it would help to keep the heat in, and need less glass. We saw the old bakery cottage and where there used to be a Post Office, but it had to shut down because people would often go to supermarkets for convenience.” Mirabella Bosley.

“Garages weren’t needed with the older cottages because 300 years ago, cars were not invented. There doesn’t tend to be any phone boxes used anymore due to mobile phones, but they can be repurposed into a library, for example. We noticed solar panels on some houses, which allow us to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. We walked to the old National School, which opened in 1841, but by 1960 there was a new school building due to increased population.” Finlay Hanby

On a beautiful day, Class 4 visited the River Exe and learned the terms to describe parts of the river, as well as observing its speed and features. They will continue their learning in class, resulting in a Design and Technology team project creating a model of a river’s journey.

Class 4 at River Exe

School Year 2019-20

During the term we had visitors from Tiverton High School who came in and taught the year 4's p-bone which they thoroughly enjoyed.  They ended with a performance to the parents


School Year 2018-19

Class 4 enjoyed the visit from the Dentist who showed the children how to clean their teeth.

Our plaque experiment with disclosing tablets
Disclosing tablets and looking for plaque
Brushing teeth and removing disclosing tablet

The class have been doing lots of work with measurements

Using weighing scales to measure ingredients
Investigating what a km is by walkinh 1 km from school
Investigating measuring in m by measuring playground

We have been using our measuring skills in cooking and science activities.

Experiment seeing affect liquids have in eggs (our teeth)
Baking oat fossil cookies following recipe
Testing PH levels of liquids
Mimas baking homework materpiece

School Year 2017-18

We have enjoyed writing persuasive arguments and each member of the class has given a presentation of their work.

Writing ON

We have enjoyed writing persuasive arguments and each member of the class has given a presentation of their work.


Class four are working around a carousel of tasks which have time as the focus.