Class 3 Events and Photos

School Year 2021 - 22

Spring 2022

Class 3 have been focusing on Henri Rousseau in Art and made their own jungle backgrounds using natural materials they found in our environmental area. 


Class 2, 3 and 4 enjoyed a very informative and thought-provoking visit from Jess and Bethia at Planet & People this week. We did a workshop based on our ‘Hopes’ for the future and actions in taking care of the planet. They also celebrated the positive reintroductions of beavers and wolves into environments and the impact this had on the wider ecology. The children all wrote postcards for 2047, which were then sealed in a time capsule and buried in the Enironmental Area, with a sapling Oak tree. 

Planet Action
Bodhi Drumming

The class enjoyed a drum performance by Bodhi-Ray who has been learning drums with Mr Godfrey.

In Science, we found out about how some animals have a thick layer of blubber to keep warm. We made blubber gloves and tested them out in a bucket of ice.

pic 3
pic 2
Pic 1

Thank you to our fantastic BSA who funded two online sessions for Class 2 and Class 3 with Paignton Zoo! This linked to our Science where we are learning about living things and habitats. Matt Lewis introduced us to two giraffes – Janica and Eliska, taught us how to imitate penguin communication and delivered a thought-provoking session on the impact of plastic in our oceans. 

C2 and C3
imitating penguins C2 C3
oceans C2 C3

The children in Class 3 had such a great few topic days focusing on IT. They were learning to become programmers and used BeeBots and a program called Scratch to program and debug.


Autumn 2021

Class 2 and 3 put on a fantastic performance of ‘A Little Bird Told Me to parents and other family members in the village hall this week. We are really proud of how confidently the children spoke their lines and sang their songs throughout the performances! 

C2 and C3 Nativity
C2 and C3 Nativity 2

Class 3 have been learning about mixing colours and created their own paintings. 

We also started our Space topic and found out about Neil Armstrong. Here are two important dates 1930 when he was born and 1952 when he joined NASA. 

C3 painting
C3 timeline
C3 Timeline2
C3 no 1

Class 3 have learnt to sing and rap in a festive song Ho Ho Ho! They have also learnt to play glockenspiels and xylophones in an instrumental. The videos of their performances are on our Teams page. 

Class 3 were visited by Sally from the Waste Education Programme. They learnt scientific words to describe different materials and how to recycle them in their homes. They made magnets to help their parents remember what can be recycled. Sally also led a drama activity where the children became tin cans! They were collected for recycling, were melted down and were made into new cans! 


Class 3 had lots of fun making their houses from the Great Fire of London.


In History, Class 3 worked cooperatively in groups to create freeze frames of the events of the Great Fire of London.

C3 1
C3 - 2

School Year 2020 - 21

June 2021

18th June C3

On Friday, we were busy creating an innovation story map of our current book – Traction Man.   

Autumn Term 2018

Below are various photos showing showing what Class 3 have been doing this term.

Bible Story with Lego


Blubber Hands

bible story scenes lego
bible story scene lego 2
bible story scene lego 1
bible story lego scene

Christening 2
christening 1
christening 3
blubber hands
blubber hands 1
blubber hands 2

Autumn 2017

During English last term, we were reading a text called 'Nail Soup' so we decided to go to our Environmental area and make our own disgusting 'Nail Soup'.

Nail Soup

Last term we learnt all about the Vikings! At the end of our learning, we had a Viking day! All of the children came dressed as Vikings. We also made Viking food, Viking shields and learnt the Viking alphabet!


Science Day

Mr Baker (a Physics teacher from QE Secondary School) came in and worked with us on Rockets, Fountains and Forces. We made fountains using Mentos and Coca Cola (and only got slightly wet!) We also made rockets from cardboard and had a competition to which could lift the highest. We also learnt about all the Science behind how these experiments work.

Science 1
Science 6
Science 5
Science 4
Science 3
Science 2

Evacuee Experience Day

On Monday 15th May, Class 3 took a trip to Nothe Fort in Weymoutn for an Evacuee Experience day.   All children dressed fully in 1940’s Evacuee dress and their parents even waved them off at the beginning of the day.  The children had a fantastic time.  They experienced: a 1940’s classroom (with a terrifying headteacher); a 1940’s shop (with real imperial money); a real air raid and hiding in an Anderson shelter; they put out a fire with a 1940’s water pump and hose and a 1940’s washing room (the washing took forever!). The children had a great day and learnt a lot about what it was like to live in World War Two.  However, we were all very happy to be back in 2017 at the end of the day!

Nothe Fort 1