Class 4

What a great start Class 4 have already had. So far, we have focused on what having a positive growth mindset means, and how we can change our mindset to become more positive learners. In RE, we have explored the unit ‘Pillars of Faith and Prayer’, in particular focusing on the Islamic faith.

Our English this term, will be focusing on reading and writing in the genres of stories, poetry, biographies and reports. We will be studying four topic related books, to support this writing.  Alongside this, we will be doing daily spelling and grammar activities.

In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and area, as well as completing daily mental maths challenges.

This term, Class 4 will be palaeontologists as we learn all about our topic ‘Jurassic World’. The children will be travelling back in time to the Jurassic era, exploring this fascinating and interesting world. They will be learning about what Jurassic means, what life was like in this period of time and the variety of animals and plants that lived there. The class will be discovering how life in the Jurassic period has been preserved over time, and what fossils are.

In science, we will be finding out about dinosaurs, exploring what they ate and classifying them. In addition, we will also be learning about teeth, digestive systems, food chains and life cycles. A class trip to Lyme Regis beach and its museum, will help us to research Mary Anning and learn about her work in palaeontology. Another palaeontologist we will be studying, is the work of William Buckland and his discoveries. In art and DT, we will be using a variety of mediums to draw pictures and make 3D models that are related to our topic.

On Thursdays, the class will be doing REAL PE and team sports, where they will be focusing on developing their personal and social skills, and using these in the team games of netball and tag rugby.

A fun packed autumn term, for Bickleigh’s palaeontologists!

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Class 4 consists of Year 4 children


Mrs L Lake

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs P Moore, Miss K Gallaway and Mrs T Palmer

Rolling Programme Class 4