Class 4

In RE, we will be looking at incarnation and exploring whether Jesus was a Messiah.  We will also be exploring the importance of Easter and leading the school’s Easter Service at the church on Friday.

Our English this term, will be focusing on reading and writing in the genres of stories, fact files, diaries and explanations. We will be studying topic related texts to support our writing of these genres.  Alongside this, we will be doing daily spelling and grammar activities. In maths, we started the term by revising areas of maths explored in Autumn term. Afterwards, we will be focusing on multiplication, division, area, fractions and decimals.  We will also be working hard on securing our knowledge of all the times tables facts, in preparation for the online tests in June.

This term, (alongside Class 5) Class 4 will be historians learning about the Middle Ages. The children will be travelling back in time to the Middle Ages, exploring this fascinating and interesting period. They will be learning about what village, town and castle life was like. We will be learning the key events that occurred during this period and putting them into timelines. A visit to a Middle Ages castle will help us to experience what life was like and to see for ourselves artefacts from this period of time. At the end of the topic, we will be celebrating our learning through having a medieval festival (so get thinking about your costumes).

In science,  we will be continuing to learn about the digestive systems (as this wasn’t all covered last term),  as well as exploring what food chains are and investigating the roles of predators and prey. We will also be studying states of matter and investigating how matters can change.

In music, children will be learning to play the P-Bone (a plastic trombone), learning how to play the instrument and playing simple notes.

In PE, the class will be doing REAL PE, where they will be focusing on developing their personal and social skills, and using these skills exploring the world of gymnastics.  A fun packed spring term planned for Class 4!

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Class 4 consists of Year 4 children


Mrs L Lake

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs P Moore, Miss K Gallaway and Mrs T Palmer

Rolling Programme Class 4