Class 4

Class 4 are going to have a fun filled and packed Autumn Term! Here are some of things we will be covering:


This term we will be learning all about The Romans with specific focus Mosaics, Street Life and what it would have been like to be a Roman Soldier.


Humans-The digestive system and healthy living

Class 4 have participated in an exciting experiment to investigate how food is digested in the body. The children will be learning about healthy living and we have a food expert coming in to give a class presentation on the subject.


Roman Mosaics and Observational drawing.

We are designing individual Roman mosaics inspired by Roman pattern and decoration. We are going to create our own mosaic tiles individually and create a class display.

Our class animal is the elephant and we have been doing observational drawing of the models we have in class! We have some very talented Artists!!


During ICT sessions this term, the class are designing their own computer games.

Class 4 consists of Year 4 and Year 5 children


Miss D Tait

Teaching Assistants:

Miss K Gallaway