Class 3

Class 3 are going to have a fun filled and packed Spring Term! Here are some of things we will be covering:


This term we will be learning all about Spain. We will be learning about the geographical position of Spain and other European countries and use maps and globes to help us with this. We will look at the climate of Spain and how it differs to our own. We will study the major cities in Spain and the key landmarks. We will be learning all about Spanish culture such as flamenco dancing and even sampling some Spanish food by making our own paella. We will also be immersing ourselves in some key Spanish phrases daily!


Animals (including humans) Skeletons.

We will be learning about the different ways that plants and animals including humans obtain food. We will be learning about the difference between different food groups, including how humans obtain food.  We will also study what the right type of food and nutrition is for humans, as well as well as the consequences related to eating the wrong type of diet. We will also learn about the scientific names for the main bones in the human body.

Rocks and Soils

We will be comparing and grouping together different kinds of rock on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties. We will learn that rocks are formed in three different ways. We will collect evidence of the local bedrock and other rocks in the local area by doing a rock survey. We will use our knowledge of the properties of rock to determine why particular rocks were selected for different tasks and recognise that rocks are made from organic matter. We will discover the contribution that the great 19th century fossil hunter Mary Anning had on Science.


This term we will be filming, presenting and editing our own videos.

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Class 3 consists of Year 3 children


Mrs A Reeves-Redhead

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs T Ayre, Miss K Gallaway and Mrs S Fallon

Rolling Programme C3 2017-18