Class 3

In Maths, we have been collecting a variety of data and representing this in different ways.  As part of this work, we observed the different types of transport going past the school and created a tally chart.  We counted a lot of cars!

We will be moving on to shape, including length and perimeter, and money later in the term.  Throughout the term we will consistently re-cap our knowledge of times tables, addition and subtraction.  This will ensure children develop confidence in these key areas.

In English, we will start the term off by looking at poetry.  We have started with a poem ‘If I had wings’ by Pie Corbett.  The children have already come up with their own imaginative ideas about what they would do and where they would go if they had wings.

In PE, we will be continuing to learn basic skills such as balance, coordination and control, needed for sport.  The game we will be learning this term is rugby.  PE will continue to be on Monday and Wednesday each week.  Please make sure children have their PE kit in school for the term.

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Class 3 consists of Year 2 and 3 children


Mrs H Champness

Teaching Assistants:

Ms K Mannion, Ms K Prentis, Mrs C Melksham and Ms T Janes

Rolling Programme C3