Class 2

This terms topic is a book called Belonging by Jeanie Baker, which is based in Australia. We will be using this book to think about where we belong including our traditions, art, religion and Geography. We will be making comparisons between our surroundings and those in Australia, focussing on an aboriginal child. We will make comparisons between our own lives, country and nature.

The science involved in our topic will allow us to explore how we can use our surroundings to create artistic things, focussing on the materials we use to do so. We will be using foraged items to dye natural fabrics, using various materials to paint with and on and looking at how different they are. We will be learning the names of parts of our body, through areas such as aboriginal dancing, songs and rhymes used daily. We have already begun to use our scientific skills in combination with learning about harvest and vegetables that grow well near us.

In maths we are focussing on children’s formation of their numbers, ordering numbers and beginning to use this to solve problems. Using maths books is a new skill for our class so we are learning how to combine these skills well to help us become great mathematicians. 

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Class 2 consists of Year 1 children


Mrs N Mackenzie

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Fallon and Mrs T Ayre

Rolling Programme Class 2

KS1 Phonics and Reading