Class 1

The Class 1 topic for this first half term is Dragons! We will be developing our descriptive language by looking at pictures of dragons carefully and describing them; making up stories about dragons and  developing our art skills by drawing, painting and making dragons in a variety of ways. This topic will move into Chinese New Year just before half term, where we will taste Chinese food, learn about Chinese New Year customs and make a dragon to parade around the school.

After half term, our topic will be Super Heroes.  We will be reading the book ‘Supertato ‘ by Sue Hendra and making  different characters out of vegetables to tell stories with as well as developing our DT skills by making vehicles for our ‘super-veg’ to travel in .

In maths this term, we are really working hard on numbers to 20, ensuring we can count and recognise these numbers and complete simple practical calculations.  We are also looking at simple measures: length, capacity and money.   

We are working so hard with our phonics and reading and will be tackling vowel digraphs and trigraphs this term and beginning to try to write independently. 

Parents can help by counting everything and anything; supporting with reading at home (please check book bags for new words, books and phonics), reading stories and talking about the topics we are covering. 


Class 1 consists of Reception children


Miss L Oxenham

Teaching Assistants:

Miss K Prentis

Class 1 Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

KS1 Phonics and Reading